“Is it too much?”

Tip of the day “You can always be a little fabulous”

Katie is a stone fox who lives in Portland (put a bird on it!). She’s going to a party this weekend, and is deciding between two very different outfits…

Option A: Jeans and flats

Option B: Everything else in her closet.

To make this simple, I’m going to project some of my own goals for party attendance on Katie to help me make up her mind.


1. Be noticed and have people say “She’s so smart and sassy! I envy her moxy and want to invite her to see Twilight Breaking Dawn this weekend”

2. Be comfortable so that I can dance my ass off and not feel like a sweaty warthog.

So lets consider Katie’s original question:

Should I wear an above-knee black skirt/tights and riding boot combo with my sequin top and gunmetal short jacket to a party this weekend? Or black jeans with cute flats? I might be dancing and need to take off the jacket. Also, should I wear a long necklace over the sequin top (also gunmetal, though much darker than the jacket), or just earrings? And finally, if you vote for skirt, should I wear black ribbed stockings? Or too much?

I love a short skirt with riding boots – it’s a way of saying “check out my sassy ass” while also being warm and wearing flats. That said, I think that it’s better to rock that look on a weeknight (there is no science behind this belief) – so I want to combine your outfits. But I think that you need to mix your metals, and have a killer vampy manicure. Here’s my vision for your party this weekend:

PS: I love ribbed stockings. They won’t be too much if you go that route. A harlequin checked tight, or witch stripes, or these would be too much. Ribbed tights just add texture (rather than pattern) so they are totally fine. Just like you!


About dhanamura

When I was ten years old, I owned a mustard yellow sequined dress that I got at a garage sale. I stuffed it with rolled tube socks so that I would look more glamorous. That year I also got my first bottle of Chanel No. 5. I felt beautiful in my room, in that dress, smelling like Chanel. What you wear matters. It makes you feel things... or helps you to express things you already feel. Your feet aren't firmly planted on the ground, they are crammed into a pair of shoes. Love those shoes, or take them off.

4 responses to ““Is it too much?”

  1. But I love those Linear Lace tights. It’s like a dark and vampy circus. But in a GOOD way.

    Can you clarify the ribbed tights issue? You said “ribbed stockings” but the question was “ribbed tights.”

    I think of ribbed stockings like this Simply Vera number — slightly textured but clearly sheer:


    Where, I think of tights as opaque (and warm, cozy, and WONDERFUL. Like a delicious sweater for your unshaven legs):


    When you say you love ribbed stockings, does that include its cousin, the tights?

    • dhanamura

      ribbed stockings and tights are all good in my book – it’s harder to keep the lines straight in stockings, but it gives you an excuse to run your hands up and down your legs and tantalize your pets. Those Simply Vera stockings are delish! I would love to wear them with a charcoal gray sweater dress (except those tend to hug my rump… so while I would LOVE to wear them with the sweater dress, I’m more likely to wear them with a belted mini-dress and a cardigan). Luxe leather boots! Amirite?

  2. What is the nail polish color, do you know? I can see it is Chanel. Looks like a very dark red – nearly black.

    So, not to be a bad student, but I bought silver earrings and cocktail ring. I love the idea of mixing metals, and I want to try, but a lovely ring and pair of earrings jumped into my arms and begged me to take them home. I couldn’t refuse.

    I’m going to go with the jeans/sequin top/flats outfit you suggest and will have someone take a picture. Will get back to you with that after the soiree!

    • dhanamura

      It’s Vamp by Chanel. It’s dark, but not so dark that it would be confused with black – a great winter color for a night on the town! I totally understand that moment when an accessory calls your name and demands to be taken home. Would love to see pictures!

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