The one thing you need to know to have a happy life

Eff new year’s resolutions. If you want to dive into self-improvement in 2012, listen to me, because this is all the advice that you will ever need*.

If you can’t change your hair, you can’t change your life.

Brittany Spears shaves head

Ready for a new beginning!

A major haircut is a visual reminder that you are ready to make a change in your life. It can also test your resolve and commitment to change (“if I can’t get a haircut, how can I ever give up diet coke?”).

Ironically, I have zero skill at doing hair. I own one bottle (jar? tube?) of mousse that I never use, and I only pull out my hair dryer if I have a job interview, so I rely on my hairdressers to give me wash and wear looks that style themselves.

Over the years my hair has been permed (oops), shagged, cropped, colored, bleached, flipped, and textured. It was hot pink at one point, white hot blonde at another. I went through a period where I wore it in little buns on each side of my head.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of braids and pony tails, which was a sign that I needed something new. Braids and ponytails are what I turn to when I’m bored with my look.

Here’s what happened today:

blonder, shorter, sassier

So 2012 can bring it on – I got my hair cut, so I’m good and ready!

*You should also listen to any advice from your doctor, and possibly your mother (depending on your mom… I won’t get into the complications and caveats relating to crazy moms or moms who think you should get more cats to change your life…use discretion.)


About dhanamura

When I was ten years old, I owned a mustard yellow sequined dress that I got at a garage sale. I stuffed it with rolled tube socks so that I would look more glamorous. That year I also got my first bottle of Chanel No. 5. I felt beautiful in my room, in that dress, smelling like Chanel. What you wear matters. It makes you feel things... or helps you to express things you already feel. Your feet aren't firmly planted on the ground, they are crammed into a pair of shoes. Love those shoes, or take them off.

6 responses to “The one thing you need to know to have a happy life

  1. Lara

    I use the same philosophy when deciding to cut my hair. If I can’t remember the last time I wore it down, I feel like have to get in for a haircut within 24 hours. I hope my great new hair girl will be able to accommodate my crazy.

  2. Jessica

    You look fantastic. You looked cute before but you’re a hot mama now!

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