Ad (wo)men

I’ve been in the advertising and design industry since high school, and twenty years into this rodeo, I’ve learned that clients have a fantasy about agency life. There is a belief that “creatives” work in an environment that is supremely intelligent, sexy, fun, surprising, and slightly magical. No cubes, no TPS reports, no “grind.” They think that agencies are full of  misfits, artists, and heavy drinkers. Everyone is one step ahead of fashion trends, and none of us vacation because we’re too busy traveling.

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You’re Welcome, Jessica Hilt

This blog is what happens when a sick day comes head to head with a flattering suggestion from a good friend. I recently provided real-time fashion support to Jessica while she was prepping for an important job interview. Our rapid-fire text exchange covered topics such as “when does a patterned tight make someone look mentally ill?” and “Actually, all blacks are not created equal, so buy your separates together.”

We don’t know yet if she has gotten the job, but we DO know that they are checking references, so the odds are in her favor (which is timely, given my excitement over the full-length trailer for The Hunger Games, which was released today)

She looked KILLER in her interview, and I can’t take any credit for her performance, but I know she felt like a Hot Corporate Lady (which is exactly the look we were going for) and that boost in confidence helped her to knock ’em dead.

Job interview makeup

"Let's talk salary, shall we?" said Jessica Hilt

What you wear is the first thing you tell someone about what you’re feeling that day.  Today I’m wearing leggings and a t-shirt and a box of kleenex.

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